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Sandra Rojo
Success Mindset Coach, Neuroplastician, Free Thinker, Change Agent

I was born and raised in beautiful San Diego, California. My parents were both good-hearted, hard-working people of high integrity who left their native countries with a strong sense of commitment to the values and benefits of US citizenship.

I had the extreme good fortune to be raised by my stay at home mother. As a result, I felt
nurtured and safe during my early childhood years. These formative years served as a great buffer to the painful struggles I was to later endure and also provided the foundation of the high standards of integrity, determination, and trustworthiness I require of myself and others.

My parents raised me to be respectful of people and institutions but also encouraged and afforded me freedom of thought even if it differed significantly with their own ideology. They taught me how to think critically and to accept personal accountability and responsibility for consequences of my actions. This environment influenced a mindset that has helped me to develop and refine a unique ability to hold space for others and to help me be the change agent I feel I am meant to be.

What We Do
Achieve lasting transformational lifestyle change for a more purposeful and authentic life.
How We Do It
We teach our clients to think, feel and act healthy purposeful lives through neuroscience-based / neuroplasticity modalities.
Why We Do It
Some people think that having purpose is about having the best career or job, but let's consider purpose has a lot to do with who you are.
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