Authentic Living Coaching Services

Authentic Living Consultation

My Authentic Living Consultation is an introductory session to connect with me and my work. It is also much more than that as within this session we will explore what it means to live authentically in your life. We will uncover what is holding you back so that you can start living in alignment with who you are. This session will act as a starting point to begin living life on your terms.

Package One - $1650

Package One

Authentic Living Accelerator

Requires a three (3) month minimum personal commitment/financial investment and provides optimum potential for more immediate results.

Four (4) 50-minute sessions per month, for three (3) months

Two (2) questions per week relevant to prior coaching sessions and/or updates by client either by text, WhatsApp, or email

One (1) weekly encouragement message, inspirational message, tip, or question to provoke critical thinking for client’s personal development and lasting lifestyle change

(May include one or more Complementary/Integrative Therapies with each session)

Payment may be paid in installments of $550.00 paid at the beginning of each month’s sessions. **If you want to extend the service after the three (3) month minimum, please inform Sandra before the three (3) month mark is completed.

Package Two - $300

Package Two

Authentic Living Progression

This package is ideal for individuals with a sound understanding of the basic principles of personal development and Authentic Living and have the personal motivation and discipline to engage in personal development actions and activities independently between coaching sessions.

Requires a one (1) month personal commitment/financial investment of two (1) 5o-minute to 1 hour sessions per month.

(May include one or more Complementary/Integrative Therapies with each session)